Smart living has become a concept that we have all been well-acquainted with, especially in the past decade. Technology has enabled the world to be brought to our fingertips, as we are now able to command the world we live in through our smartphones.

Similar to how we have smartboards, smartphones, and smart assistants we also have smart homes. They have taken a front-row seat under the name of home automation, a solution that not only makes your life easier but also one that secures your home.  

With that let us take a look at a few ways in which home automation can help secure your home!

Remote Home Supervision 

You can now keep a watchful eye on your house even when you are at work or out partying with friends. All you need to do is connect your phone with your camera and remotely gain access to a birds-eye view of your home. 

Most of the advanced home supervision modules out there also enable homeowners to be notified in case someone tries to break in or tamper with a given security system. 

Who Is At The Door?

The days of squinting through the peep-hole to see who’s at the door are long gone! With the advent of home automation technology, you can see who just rang your bell by whipping out your phone. 

A smart doorbell not only lets you see who is on the other side, but some also enable you to answer via audio. A few of them also come with other nifty features which may let you snap a picture or record a video when suspicious activity is detected. 

This can give homeowners a little piece of mind especially if they have their spouse, children, or elderly left at home alone. 

Fingerprint Entry

We are familiar with touch ID for our phones, but have we considered the same for our homes? This can be really dandy if we lose our keys, or if they have been stolen. A fingerprint scanner for your door can help verify your identity and can go a long way in keeping your home burglar-free. 

You can add in your fingerprints, along with those of your immediate family members such that you can ensure the maximum security of your home at all times.

Window and Glass Sensors 

Window and glass sensors play an integral role when it comes to guarding the perimeter of your home. These sensors are especially helpful when you have a condo or a large house with many windows. Window sensors are designed to notify you if windows are opened when you are not home, and glass break sensors pick up the specific sound glass makes when it breaks.

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Summing it Up 

Nowadays, home security is not so complicated. It’s usually self-explanatory and a few hardware and software integrations can protect your home like never before! Although you may be hesitant to foot the bills on the initial investment, you would be sure to get your money’s worth in the long run. This holds to be especially true if you are able to prevent traumatic experiences later on!