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Smart Lighting Systems – CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney

Imagine walking into your home or office, and bright light switches on in front of you as you go. The ones behind you switch off as you go ahead and have exactly the right amount/intensity of lighting. Isn’t it soothing for the eyes, just like in movies? We at Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems can make this happen.

Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems in Sydney promises the most efficient innovative lighting systems that upgrade your living style and lifestyle. Not just for the filmy feel but to increase the comfort level and save power responsibly. 

Why Automated Smart Lighting Systems?

A smart lighting system is an innovative and futuristic idea to light one’s house. In this system, all the lights in your home are connected to your mobile software through an app or some intelligent assistant. The Smart lighting system can replace the wall switches system.

Why choose Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems?

There are many advantages of installing Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems. 

  • Saves power: 

The majority of people regret having the habit of forgetting to turn off the lights when coming out of the room; it primarily results in waste of power and electricity. When the lights can know when to turn on themselves and off themselves, you save a lot of power in return. Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems come with motion sensors, so the lights switch on and off accordingly depending on the movement in the room. They save a lot of power, especially in the office.

  • Supreme comfort and convenience:

From anywhere and everywhere, you can control your lights just through a few clicks from your mobile phone. Physically you don’t have to be present and go near switchboards to operate on them manually.

  • For every mood :

You might know that color governs the mood, light influences your mental status. You can set the lighting in the room according to your mood with Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems. 

  • Eye protection:

Not only mood but also Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems soothes the eyes. You can control the lighting intensity depending on the sensitivity of your eyes. The eyes are the most delicate part of the human body, and intelligent light takes care of it by adjusting the lighting intensity. You can alter the intensity of light through a remote, mobile, tablet, or other device connected to your lights.

  • Light automation or scene HA sets:

Light automation or scene HA sets help in optimizing light according to the necessity of room and time. That means it senses the need for light in that place, like saying how much light does this time of the day need, and then accordingly it adjusts. For example, when you command to turn on bedroom lights to 50%, the lights in the bedroom will adjust to 50% intensity. 

Need Free consultation sessions? Reach Us Now!

Intelligent lighting systems make life more comfortable and energy-saving. Hills Automate Smart Lighting Systems is the best place to get started as it provides the best features. We also provide free smart residential and commercial automation and security consultation. So contact us anytime to discuss smart automation.

The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!

Taylor McAlpine

Taylor McAlpine

Western Sydney

Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.

Scott Brossard

Scott Brossard

Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

These guys know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. Can’t recommend Enough!

Esther Brooks

Esther Brooks

Northern Suburbs, Sydney
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