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Custom smart solutions – CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney

In Sydney, the interest of people is rapidly inclining towards making their homes and workspaces smart and customised.  And why not? There are several benefits of the same. By adding smart solutions, life becomes easier and comfortable as well. Also, it helps in adding on the security factors. The smart solutions not only make life comfortable but safe also. Usually, people know about smart residential devices. But just like the smart home solutions, there are others available to make your workspace smarter. 

A step towards a smarter world with Custom smart solutions

The workspace paradigm has evolved a lot. Now the isolated cubicles are not enough to complete the tasks, and also, the teams have a global presence. The industries and organizations are also looking for technologies that can easily keep them up with the time. According to the statistics available, in 2017, the Smart Office market was counted around $22.2 billion. And it is expected to increase up to 46.81 billion dollars by 2023. Now, it is high time for all to make their offices smart. There are multiple needs required to be addressed.

Adding Custom smart solutions to your office is essential if you are willing that the,

  • The working environment becomes comfortable for the employees.  
  • A state-of-the-art building to showcase the latest technologies to the clients.
  • The operating cost of the building gets minimized.
  • Your partners and vendors get attracted to space.

Now, the central question is, where should you start from?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what a smart office is? Well, it is also a workplace, but intelligence enables the employees to get connected to the office environment and get engaged in the work. In order to improve productivity at the showrooms, offices, or warehouses, the networked platforms, sensors, software, IoT technology, and other Custom smart solutions are highly used.

Key features of modern Custom Smart Solutions in Sydney include:

  • Smart desks, conference or meeting rooms
  • Smart desks
  • Video monitoring
  • Smart lighting & climate control
  • Visitor management
  • Security assistants
  • Smart navigation
  • Smart lockers
  • Voice control, etc.

What will you get after having a smart office? 

Get control of everything on your tips: Just by a tap on your smartphone, you can manage the lights, change the room temperature, and can start meetings on digital screens; the entrances and accesses will be digitally locked. Your lockers will be operated with your fingerprints or voice commands etc.

Personalized Schedules on Run: Whenever the office space is empty, the lights will automatically turn off, a smart navigation system for outsiders and clients.

 Talk and get the work done: The virtual voice assistant will always be available at your service. You can ask them anything to do, like playing the minutes of meetings, reminding them about the schedule or any other task, announcements related to meetings, etc.

Adding up the smart custom solutions and making the offices and workplace smart leads towards:

  • Enhancement in the productivity
  • Energy conservation
  • Improved collaboration
  • Attracting top clients  
  • Improved time management
  • Also, the smart custom solutions add attractiveness quotients to the workplaces that attract the younger millennial.

 In everyday life, we can experience smart technologies present everywhere. With the involvement of Custom Smart Solutions in Sydney, a lot of time can be saved and used for generating ideas better for the productivity of the businesses. Yes, by involving smart office solutions, the working environment can become more progressive and futuristic. However, the fact that matters is choosing the right one, Hills Automate, that provides you with services as per your requirement and betterment.

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The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!

Taylor McAlpine

Taylor McAlpine

Western Sydney

Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.

Scott Brossard

Scott Brossard

Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

These guys know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. Can’t recommend Enough!

Esther Brooks

Esther Brooks

Northern Suburbs, Sydney
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