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CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney
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    Welcome to Hills automate

    Make Your Home Smarter

    You have the opportunity to watch over your home from anywhere and at any time of day or night. A smart house has excellent video quality, live streaming and two-way audio.

    4K CCTV Cameras & Smart Locks

    Smart Lights, Blinds, Shutters

    Multi Room Audio Video

    For Existing & New Homes

    How It Works

    Make your home & offices
    Future secure

    Smart Lighting Systems

    Imagine walking into your home or office, and bright light switches on in front of you as you go. The ones behind you switch off as you go ahead and have exactly the right amount/intensity of lighting.

    Climate Control

    With the help of climate control panels, it becomes easier to monitor and control the equipment’s quality along with their modes. Yes, with advanced climate controller systems, you can control the home temperature just by pressing up a button or using your voice.

    Smart Home Automation

    Lives should be graded by the available comfort, and smart homes make your lives comfortable. Your air conditioners, room heaters, television will listen to you and your mood.

    Surveillance System

    The wireless home security cameras and the CCTV surveillance systems make them convenient and flexible. Now, the CCTVs for the security surveillance system are available with the best features and techniques that once were far beyond our imagination.

    Smart Lighting Systems
    Climate Control
    Smart Home Automation
    Surveillance System
    Manage Your smart house from anywhere easily

    Three Ways to Control
    Your Home

    Your One-Stop Solution To All Your Secure Smart Home & Office needs

    Welcome To Hills Automate

    We at Hills Automate aim to create a safe, secure, and smart life for our customers with the help of our intelligent smart home and security cameras, AI technology, and cloud-based platform. Also, we offer integrated Home Automation Services in Sydney along with our IP surveillance products.

    Unwanted accidents and mishaps being reported recently have triggered numerous concerns related to security and safety. Residential complexes are searching for a feasible surveillance system that can address their problems and offer them with complete peace of mind. With the help of a thriving IoT ecosystem, our expert team, aims to provide our customers with an unique futuristic experience to control & secure your home, offices & warehouse at a touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

    Home Automation which was once a futuristic idea is now a reality. The home automation products from Control4 give the user remote access to various devices present in their home and the ability to control them from any part of the world. Right from opening and closing the curtains to changing the intensity of light, we Supply & Install smart home products that allow users to manage their smart devices & CCTV with just a click on their smartphone.

    Best Company For Smart Homes & CCTV Camera Sydney Residents Choose

    Our professionals aim to develop custom smart solutions that simplify technology. Thus, our CCTV and other home automation products are extremely easy to install and are also easy to maintain.

    Our products allow the users to integrate motion detectors and audio / video recorders into their CCTVs. Also, the users can easily analyze the captured content and alert people as soon as they detect any suspicious activities.

    Retrofit your home with Smart Home devices and smart control automation products will allow you to use your current products/appliances & integrate in your new smart home ecosystem. Our Custom Smart Home Design solutions lets you design your new smart home your way, get a free consultation from Hills Automate to see how we can design your existing or new homes.

    With Control4, You can effortlessly transform your home, enhance its interior design and increase the security with our Smart Home Automation products.

    Our Full Office Automation Blinds have motion sensors installed that you can open and close with just a click on your smartphone. With our products, you can adjust the lighting of your home or change the temperature. You can activate our Multi-room audio / Home Theatre using voice commands. Basically, these products allow you to customize your home to respond to your needs.

    Moreover, our Smart Lighting Systems and security products offer amazing service, are affordable, and are backed by our fantastic support infrastructure.

    At Hills Automate, you get professional-grade, fully-featured security solutions that are simple to use, easy to install, and provide remote access control Sydney over your home. Please browse through our range of smart home and security product solutions and determine the best one for your smart home needs.

    Why Should You Buy Our Home Surveillance Products?

    At Hills Automate, you can find CCTV cameras in all price ranges and with the best features integrated, and thus you can choose one that suits your budget. Some Benefits of installing home surveillance products include:

    • If a burglary occurs, police can refer to the images and videos captured for proof.
    • You can keep a check on your kids and pets in your home from a remote location.

    At Hills Automate, all the products have a high-grade DVR and cloud-based storage that can store months of HD quality footage, and you can access it anywhere with the help of your smartphone.

    Home Automation Products By Control4

    Our Smart Intercom provides peace of mind with an extra layer of security in your smart home. All our devices can be controlled using one single app, thus Hills Automate brings the boon of multifaceted control to your life. Moreover, these devices have an easy-to-use system that your whole family can access using their smartphones.

    We can also tailor our solutions to fit your needs. These sleek and modern smart automation devices are designed for effortless living. Also, our smart wiring systems will ensure that your house is ready to integrate future technologies.

    No matter, whether these solutions will be a part of your initial home design or an upgrade to your existing property, we will integrate them into any house.

    Why Should You Buy Our Home Automation Products?

    Home automation systems are designed to increase safety, provide convenience and save energy. Our home automation products also aim to make your life easier. Imagine being greeted by a “Welcome” message when you come home or being able to do Climate Control of the room with just one click or play your favorite song using voice commands. It is an investment, which increases the value of your house by up to $50,000

    You can get this and so much more with these smart home products. They are designed in such a way that they will enable you to enjoy the power of complete control.

    Our smart home automation products are connected to the main gateway panel on the internet which allows the user to access and control all their smart home devices. All our devices are easy to install and simple to maintain.

    You can easily install them on your own. They are engineered to meet challenges of power faults, fluctuating internet connectivity, and have specific spectrum allocation to reduce any interference.

    Make Your Home Future Ready

    As leaders in the surveillance industry, Hills Automate is proud to present a range of affordable and powerful home automation solutions. Our products can be controlled via smartphones, voice or Tablets. You can effortlessly listen to music in any part of our house or change its lighting and temperature by simply pressing a button.

    These smart home automation products by Hills Automate combine technology with convenience and comfort to offer you peace of mind. With our high-grade home automation products installed, you can make your home future-ready.

    Contact us to get a free consultation on how you can automate your home or office in Sydney & maintain control over your security & peace of mind.

    Feedbacks By Our

    Customer Reviews

    The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!

    Taylor McAlpine

    Taylor McAlpine

    Western Sydney

    Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.

    Scott Brossard

    Scott Brossard

    Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

    These guys know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. Can’t recommend Enough!

    Esther Brooks

    Esther Brooks

    Northern Suburbs, Sydney
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