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    Home Automation Sydney: Smart ways you can cut down on your electricity costs

    The power prices of homes go on a hike, so many Sydney homeowners concentrate on energy consumption. As a result, the home automation system plays a significant role in reducing energy use. Smart homes bring a broad smile to homeowners’ faces as they cut down electricity charges. Homeowners are also aware of the settings and functions of appliances in smart…


    How Smart Automation can help your Offices & Warehouses during a Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked up a storm and challenged businesses pushing them to significant loss during pandemics. There have been several changes in offices and warehouses during the pandemics to ensure a safe working environment. Companies are hence making the workplace adaptable and agile to the new situation. Let us glimpse through a few smart automation ideas that help…


    What Does an Ideal Smart Home in Sydney look like

    Smart homes are gaining ground these days as a result of technological development. People of Sydney are more innovative and switch to smart homes to save energy, escalate lifestyle, and secure homes. Smart technology reaps plenty of benefits, such as automation of electronic and electric devices at homes. Are you hunting for ideas about what an ideal smart home in…


    10 Reasons Why Sydneysiders Need a Smart Home

    A smart home enhances the quality of your daily lifestyle. Needless to say that your lifestyle becomes way more effortless with smart home features. The latest smart home features allow homeowners to perform all household activities smartly. You can control all smart devices in your home conveniently with advanced smart home technologies. Are you still confused about why Sydneysiders need…


    Automate Your Morning Routine With Smart Home Automation System

    Modern life is all about being smart to cope up with the fast fleeting time. We all are too busy to stick with conventional ways of living. Hence, switching to a smart automated life is crucial for our existence. Automating your morning routine gives you a good start to the day. Here are the ways to automate your morning routine:…


    Have A Personal Digital Doorman with A Smart Doorbell

    Smart doorbells make it simple to monitor your home and respond to guests whether you’re present or not. At Hills Automate we want to take this a step further. Now your smart video doorbells can detect individuals and respond to them with personalized, pre-programmed responses.  Consider it your personalized doorman! The Smart Doorbells In Sydney In the capital of New…


    Home Automation Systems That Help You Care For Your Loved Ones

    The Home automation system is a computerised control of all activities and devices in a smart home. Through the Internet, you can easily control the working of your home, making life more pleasant and safe while also saving money on household expenses and saving energy. Hills Automate uses intelligent smart home and security cameras and a cloud-based platform to provide…


    Things to know before you choose your home automation solutions provider in Sydney

    Everyone now wants a modern home with all the high-tech gadgets and automation to give more comfort and ease at home. Home automation involves making certain processing in your house automatic and faster. There is an efficiency that is created that allows you to rest more and be comfortable. However, the installation of these processes is very important and should…


    5 Fantastic Benefits of Smart Home Technologies

    Smart Home Technology helps you to control almost every aspect of your home, from lighting to heating and cooling devices, even remotely. With smart home technologies becoming more affordable and accessible, it is easier to avail of the numerous benefits it offers, some of which are listed below. 1. Safety and Security Smart home devices can be easily controlled and…


    How Home Automation Helps In Securing Your Home With Technology

    Smart living has become a concept that we have all been well-acquainted with, especially in the past decade. Technology has enabled the world to be brought to our fingertips, as we are now able to command the world we live in through our smartphones. Similar to how we have smartboards, smartphones, and smart assistants we also have smart homes. They…