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Smart Home Locks: Why Consider Investing For Your Home? – CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney

With the growing use of the latest technology at home, you may be debating whether or not to get a smart lock for your home. Transitioning to a smart locked life is the next best thing for your home! Smart lock systems have powerful features that provide homeowners with great security at a great cost.

Here’s why you need to invest in a smart lock for a safer and more intelligent home.

The Need For Safety 

With the development of smart security technology, you can keep your property secure while still being able to open and lock your home with the touch of a button.

As you know, house keys are frequently lost. You may also give your children their own passcodes to track their entrance and leave.  Now no stranger can find keys under a pot or carpet and break-in.

The Baldwin Smart Lock  is one such sophisticated and clever hardware, presented to your front door with uncompromised quality.

Smart lock for your home: There are pros and cons

No More Digging For Keys 

Forget your keys! You no longer have to worry about making duplicates or losing them with a smart lock system. You can establish unique lock codes for each member of your family or user. Even better, you can create a timetable and regulate when the codes may be used based on the day.

Using a password eliminates the possibility of a wayward key falling into the wrong hands. There will also be no need to hurriedly seek for a key in the dark, making returning home in the evening a safer and efficient process.

The Kwikset’s Home Connect Technology is a lock that allows the door lock to link wirelessly with other devices in the home and integrates seamlessly with your Control4 Smart Home.

All Access In One Place

Another fantastic advantage of smart locks is the ability to get notifications directly to your smartphone. It’s ideal if you have children and want to ensure that they arrive home safely from school.

Some smart locks enable authorised users to lock and open their doors through voice command, a linked device and just a finger tap. If you’re away, you can admit a friend or guest without being present. Simply use your app to remotely lock or unlock the door. It’s that simple!

Bringing Elegance And Aesthetic

These devices are not bulky or unusually formed. They can even pass for a conventional look.  Whether you like modern or traditional, you’ll most certainly be able to discover ones that suit your tastes.

There are many sizes and designs available, including doorknobs and handles, to complement or integrate perfectly with your current décor.

Manage Other Properties

Smart locks allow you to keep an eye on your property even when you are not present.

It also makes the check-in and check-out procedure easier for both visitors and property management. You can check lock history, distribute and revoke passcodes, and much more as long as you have a data connection.


5 reasons you need a smart lock - CNET

If you own rental properties or Airbnb houses, or if you manage them for customers, now is your time to make a change.

The Yale Smart Locks provide a privacy mode for extra protection and enable you to regulate user permissions. Whatever your problem is with your front door security, there is always a smart lockout there for you.

Summing Up

Surprisingly, smart locks are one of the finest entrance points into home automation.

If you’re considering purchasing a smart lock for your house, our home security services, we’ll assist you in transforming your property into a smart home.

Contact us at Hills Automate today to add functionality and elegance to your front door!