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Custom Smart Home Design – CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney

Sydney’s Expert Custom Smart Home Automation Company

Get smart and affordable homes built with Hills Automate. We get automated systems installed as per the specific needs of homeowners & businesses. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all and hence provide custom smart solutions that fit our customers’ needs perfectly well. If you are getting a new home built, our team will work parallelly with your builder to get a customized smart home built in Sydney. With extensive experience in the industry, we can add new features to your existing home as well by retrofitting your current lighting, AV, CCTV, Intercom, garage doors & more.

We have a team of highly skilled and specialized home automation experts who ensure that the suggested systems align with your requirements and are the right solution for all your needs. We are specialists who deal in Custom Smart Home Design in Sydney. By saying so, we mean that we can design your dream home by incorporating the latest technologies. You must have heard the term “Smart Homes & Home automation” buzzing around everywhere in recent years. It is because people have realized the importance of homes that have smart homes and security features. 

Make your home smart, secure, and intelligent with Hills Automate. We use the latest trends and technology to automate any system in your home. Numerous services are offered that offer integration of smart features along with the simplicity of use. Many specialized services are offered to make your home smart and intelligent by making the correct use of technology. 

Our Services Include: 

  • Electric Locks and Access Control. 
  • Automated Lighting. 
  • Complete Security and Installation of CCTV cameras. 
  • Installation of Intercom Systems. 
  • Alarm Systems. 
  • Multi-room audio and video systems. 
  • Home Theatre and Sound System.
  • Wi-fi and Data Networking. 
  • Air Conditioning. 

Why Should You Get Smart Home Automation Systems Installed in Sydney? 

People choose to build a smart home because of the following reasons: 

Comfort and Control: 

Air Conditioning and Lightning Systems installed can automatically get adjusted to suit your mood and lifestyle automatically. Such systems can get integrated with your smartphone, and you can access it remotely to switch the air conditioner on and make your home cool before you get home. 

Lifestyle and Convenience: 

Smart Homes makes complicated day-to-day tasks easy and straightforward by integrating several systems and automating them based on homeowners’ preferences and habits. 

Energy Efficient: 

Smart homes enable you to control things and turn them on and off at any time of the day. Such systems also help you monitor the amount of power that your home needs in a day, and using this data, and you can control the amount of energy your home is using. Systems installed in smart homes are integrated with the solar system to obtain the advantages of free power produced by the sun. 


The incorporation of security, CCTV, and lighting systems and the smart device enable homeowners to monitor their home from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind and providing the ability to take the desired action. We at Hills Automate deal in Custom Smart Home Design in Sydney. We are happy to serve your home automation needs and help you find the right solution. 

The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!

Taylor McAlpine

Taylor McAlpine

Western Sydney

Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.

Scott Brossard

Scott Brossard

Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

These guys know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. Can’t recommend Enough!

Esther Brooks

Esther Brooks

Northern Suburbs, Sydney
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