The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked up a storm and challenged businesses pushing them to significant loss during pandemics. There have been several changes in offices and warehouses during the pandemics to ensure a safe working environment. Companies are hence making the workplace adaptable and agile to the new situation. Let us glimpse through a few smart automation ideas that help offices and warehouses during the pandemic.

Smart video analytics

The management needs to fight tooth and nail to monitor every individual for a face mask manually. Facemask has become a mandatory parameter for every individual without which would result in a detrimental scenario to the public. In such scenarios, Artificial intelligence plays an intelligent role. The surveillance and security systems possessing thermal cameras do wonder. The video management software in these systems plays an intelligent role in detecting individuals without face masks. Hence raises a red flag against those people.

Temperature recognition system

Temperature screening terminals are yet another mandatory piece of equipment for offices and warehouses. The AI-powered device screens the crowd and detects ones with high temperatures. Hence isolating doubtful individuals from healthy people helps make offices a safe environment to work.

UV disinfectant

The UV disinfectant is powerful smart automation with UV-C light and linked to an IoT platform. The customizable and robust sanitation system runs with a disinfection program and cleanses the office. Employees can hence be confident to work in a safe and clean environment.

Automation of fixtures

High-end touch fixtures such as handles and doorknobs are prominent places that enhance the spread of germs. The IoT fixtures and devices work miracles by installing touchless office space. The HVAC controls, intelligent lighting, window shades, and display screens. All these devices operate from an IoT platform making the office and warehouse a safe place.

Air purification

Air circulation and air purification stand to be essential elements in purifying the workspace. These systems are customizable and pure when collaborated with IoT systems. The best facet of an IoT system is that it develops a ventilated and safe office space.

Conference room scheduling

An interconnected and automated IoT conference room scheduling helps streamline operation and office space. The automated scheduling system allows employees in an organization to know the room availability and last used area. With such systems disinfecting office rooms after meetings is possible.

People count and occupancy sensors.

The office management employs the usage of people counting devices and occupancy sensors to concentrate on traffic levels. Smart automation systems are beneficial in maintaining social distance and avert overcrowding.

Final words

The AI-powered smart automation system in warehouses and offices support office management in maintaining the protocols towards pandemic. Employees are assured of safety and peace of mind at the workplace. Such systems also identify and warn people unaware of the regulations. Moreover, Hill Automate is a leader in developing cutting-edge smart automation systems. Collaborate with us and transform the workplace into a safer place. Get In Touch for a Free Consultation