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Have A Personal Digital Doorman with A Smart Doorbell – CCTV & Smart Home Solutions Sydney

Smart doorbells make it simple to monitor your home and respond to guests whether you’re present or not. At Hills Automate we want to take this a step further.

Now your smart video doorbells can detect individuals and respond to them with personalized, pre-programmed responses.  Consider it your personalized doorman!

The Smart Doorbells In Sydney

In the capital of New South Wales, we are here to secure and modernize houses in one of Australia’s largest cities.

A smart doorbell is more than what it just sounds like. It will allow you to remain safely inside your house, with the device alerting you on anything suspicious.  Almost like an intelligent watchman right?

The best part is that you may view and speak to people who have arrived at your door before they enter your home with the aid of this setup, right in Sydney.

The ‘Chime’ bell is one such device that is created and built specifically for the Control4 Smart Home.

It provides all of the fascinating features you’d expect from an intelligent doorbell. It also uses the power of Control4 to provide increased security and keep you in the loop with all its controls.

All About The Cloud Doorbells In Sydney

We all have guests, deliveries and others coming home despite the spreading illnesses like the current COVID pandemic. You must be wondering if there is some sort of a solution to control these entries.

Here’s your best option.

The new contactless doorbells contribute to the global fight against COVID-19. The versions are equipped with a unique sensor technology that allows for contactless ringing.

You no more need a standing doorman or guard to go through every person trying to enter.

Wondering how they work?

These gadgets generally use Wi-Fi to broadcast live video to your phone and provide several functions, such as cloud video storage.

A non-wired doorbell is the simplest to install since it is powered by batteries rather than your home’s electricity. It does not require you to cut off power or tamper with any wiring.

Some come with the feature of two-way audio that allows you to communicate with anyone who is around. It also provides on-demand video streaming.

The Smart Videos and Captures

Did you wish you could plant a policeman 24/7 to record any activity outside your property? Smart automated gadgets today are what comes as close to that.

Do not worry about missing out on any action or activity around the house.

These doorbells do come with a video camera that sends an alarm to your phone as well as a live video feed.

When someone rings bells like ‘Chime’, video pictures may be provided immediately to your mobile device. This is also sent to your Control4 Touch Screen, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

The Chime doorbell helps with configurable motion zones. This aids an individual to minimize false alarms from passing automobiles or high winds around.

Even if you think you’ve lost out on some data, you can relax. This device has stepped up to viewing a seven-day history of photos and video recordings. It’s probably smarter than most brains!

The Intelligent Intercoms

Technology is replacing man. We all need something more reliant that doesn’t take an afternoon nap in a chair.

Intercom systems have proven to be a benefit to home security in recent years.

This technology not only allows you to strengthen your home’s safety systems but also prevents intruders and unwanted salesmen from accessing your house.

At Hills Automate, we provide solutions that allow you to guard your home or property at any given time.

It’s not just about security but also technology that is revolutionary with modern video and audio features.

Some Smart Doorbell Installers in Sydney

Smart doorbells are quickly becoming a popular choice in not just Sydney but Australia as a whole.

Their functions just make life easier and provide trustworthy features.

By now you’ve probably made an informed decision on installing a smart doorbell. But where do you find a trusted installer?

Hills Automate has got exactly what you’re looking for!

The perk is that our initial smart home consultation in Sydney is always complimentary so that you can have a clear idea of what is best for you and your loved ones.

We’ve got the best range of well-engineered products. We provide strong security systems choices that are based on the most recent technological developments.

Contact us to know more and get your home intelligently protected!